Our program works up to the grand crescendo: the space mission!

Student's submit their experiments in advance to be tested. The experiments are then launched on a rocket to the International Space Station. 

Cuberider is Australia's only way to access the International Space Station. The very first Australian involvement in the ISS was with our Mission 2016 teachers and students! Cuberider now influences space policy and the industry here in Australia.



On December 11th, 2016 Cuberider launched their first space mission from Tapan, Japan. It was the first Australian launch in decades and the first mission to the International Space Station for Australia... ever!

Over 100 experiments, created by over 1000 students, from over 60 secondary schools across Australia where on board - all taking part in the Cuberider Space Program. 

The experiments orbited the Earth for one month collecting data before returning to schools to be analysed and the results recorded. 


instillation of australia's first payload on the

international space station - cuberider 2016

Cuberider's Payload being installed on the International Space Station by ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet. 


2016 rocket launch

Launch of HTV-6 on December 9th, 2016, with the Cuberider Payload on board.


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Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, MP Greg Hunt, showing his support and recognition of the first Australians send experiments to the International Space Station- Cuberider students!