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re-engage your students by turning ordinary science classes into mission control centres. 

The Cuberider Space Program takes your students through a real space mission where they learn core science and mathematics, as well as workforce-critical soft skills.


This program gives your students a truly STEM experience, incorporating skills, knowledge and syllabus requirements across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, specifically created for years 7, 8, 9 and 10. 


The Space Program packages include NASA approved technology, online resources and, of course, orbit time to run your experiments on the International Space Station!


What do the online resources include?

Your class will access the space program through the online Launchpad.

Here you will find:

Curated content that is mapped to ACARA



Opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and real PhD scientists

Virtual testing environments for space experiments

Ability to personalise and customise the program for your schools needs



There is a focus on hard skills like coding and data science, soft skills like team work and communication, and knowledge around physics and Earth/space sciences.


What if I don't know how to code?


Don't worry!

We provide you with all the material your students will need to go through and be able to create their space experiments! They can work through it individually or together, but at their own pace.


We also offer a regular in person and VC training days for teachers. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter for regular updates about Professional Development workshops. 


Explore the Space Program Outline here!


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The program works up to the grand crescendo: the space mission!

Student's submit their experiments in advance to be tested and then launched on a rocket to the International Space Station. 



Cuberider is Australia's only way to access the International Space Station. The very first Australian involvement in the ISS was with our Mission 2016 teachers and students! Cuberider now influences space policy and the industry here in Australia.



Our Values


There are few things in the world that have the ability to capture the imagination of such a broad range of people, like space does.

This is why the Cuberider Program works so well at boosting science, technology and mathematics engagement in schools.

Giving them this opportunity shows them that they can be a part of something bigger and grander than they had ever imagined. It shows them that the impossible is possible. That they are more than capable in STEM if they want to give it a go. It's not too hard. 


Our Packages

We create custom tailored packages for each of our partner schools. Each package includes a combination of student access to Launchpad, NASA approved technology and time on the ISS to experiment. 


While you can run the program however you want, we encourage you to think about running it beyond an elective or as a gifted and talented program. The beauty of this space program is that it can inspire those students who wouldn't give up their spare time or think that science is boring and hard. 


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